Unimar  Inc. offers a wide range of products and services for all your FAA aviation obstruction lighting needs.

Custom Lighting Design & Application Assistance

Properly lighting a structure is more than obtaining a structure height, looking at a chart and quoting a system.

Certified Lighting System Installation Contractors

Unimar offers technical support and in depth training for all of our products

IoT Monitoring Solutions

Unimar has the ability to provide complete tower monitoring. We offer both onsite and remote alarm monitoring hardware and services. For a more in-depth look at our monitoring products please look at our products page. 

Obstruction Light Monitoring (NOC) Service

Unimar’s IoT Monitoring Service provides reliable 24/7/365 monitoring of Obstruction Lighting and includes a rich set of user maintenance friendly features.

Installation Videos

Properly installing FAA L864/ L865 Medium Intensity Unimar Lighting Systems is key to being 100% satisfied with your purchase. These installation videos will help answer any questions and give you step by step instructions.