LED Industrial Lighting

We have a variety of innovative and cost-saving LED lighting solutions to meet your needs including: Area Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Roadway Lighting, Flood Lighting, Crane Lighting, and Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location Lighting. Click on the product name to launch a PDF detailing complete product specifications. Please contact us if you need further assistance.


 60K_Blured, Industrial lighting

60,000 Lumen Industrial LED High Bay Luminaire

At 125 lumens per watt, the 60,000 lumen industrial LED High Bay revolutionizes the world of LED lighting. It is by far the most innovative LED fixture available today.

LED UL Linear, Industrial Lighting 

SafeSite® Series LED Linear – Low Profile

The SafeSite® LED Linear fixture’s rugged solid state design makes it highly resistant to shock and vibration and allows for wiring and mounting versatility.

 SafeSite LED Linear for Hazardous Locations, industrial lighting

SafeSite® Series LED Linear Light for Hazardous Locations

The SafeSite® LED Linear fixture replaces fluorescent lighting fixtures in hazardous areas, while providing all of the benefits of an LED fixture.

 SafeSite Area, Industrial lighting

SafeSite® LED Area Light

The SafeSite® LED Area lighting fixture consumes at least 50% energy compared to traditional HID light sources, while reducing maintenance and carbon emissions.

 SafeSite LED Area Hazardous Location, industrial lighting

SafeSite® LED Area Light for Hazardous Locations

The SafeSite® LED Area light represents the future of energy efficient facility illumination for hazardous areas worldwide.

 High Bay, industrial lighting

SafeSite® Series High Bay LED Luminaire

This long life LED luminaire is designed to meet the most demanding specification criteria while offering maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs and a superior quality of light.

 SafeSite High Bay Hazardous Location, industrial lighting

SafeSite® Series High Bay LED Luminaire for Hazardous Locations

The SafeSite® LED High Bay luminaire was designed specifically to replace conventional lighting in a wide variety of hazardous area applications, both indoor and outdoor.