Photoelectric Controller | Locking Type

Photoelectric Controller | Locking Type
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Photoelectric Controller | Locking Type

Delayed response thermal series: built-in time delay prevents false cycling caused by lightning flashes or stray headlights. All-weather locking type receptacle and Lexan housing with 14”, 14 AWG wire color-coded as follows: line-black, neutral-white, load-red. Threaded stem fits through a ½” knockout. Dimensions: 2 5/8” diameter (socket), 2 5/8” high (including stem), ½” NPT at bottom fitting.

  • Meets FAA requirements
  • UV stabilized high-impact polypropylene housing
  • Photocell: 1-inch cadmium sulfide light sensitive element
  • Minimum 15-second time delay
  • Single-pole, single-throw switch; contact position normally closed at night.

Optional Surge Protection:

  • Open type (modified expulsion) 2.5 KV spark over minimum with 5,000 amps follow through. Add suffix “LA”
  • Enclosed type (expulsion) 2.0 KV spark over minimum with 10,000 amps follow through. Add suffix “ELA”
  • MOV (Mercury Oxide Varistor) 90 joule rating. Add suffix “MOV”