Lowering Mount

Lowering Mount
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Unimar Aviation Warning Light Lowering System

The Unimar Aviation Warning Light Lowering System is used to raise and lower obstruction light fixtures mounted on Cokers, Heaters, Flares, Smoke Stacks and other structures in the refining and utility industries. The AWLLS can safely raise and lower fixtures mounted up to 230 feet high. All electrical contacts are copper with MIL SPEC nickel plating and 30 micro-inch gold plating over the nickel. The gold plating passes the Industrial Mixed Flowing Gas test designated to create corrosion. All gearboxes and lowering tool frames are of heavy-duty design to provide reliability, long life, and ease of operation.  They incorporate solid steel heat-treated gears for maximum durability and strength.  All are equipped with a special automatically actuated disc brake for better load holding ability and the prevention of the load free-wheeling.  They are essential for lifting operations.  Available for permanent installation or portable use indoors or outdoors for wall mounting, tower mounting, or pole mounting.  Each system is custom tailored to work with required load and operation of the raising and lowering specifications.

In addition, lowering systems are also available for cameras and other indoor and outdoor lighting. These systems offer fast, safe and easy maintenance of lights, cameras and other devices in high or inaccessible areas. All servicing for the appliances is done at ground level. Hazardous and time consuming high lift truck maintenance is eliminated. The efficiency of the higher mounting height need not present a problem in servicing the equipment. The use of high mounting height results in fewer appliances used. This means reduced installation costs and less power usage. This savings offsets the cost of the lowering system. Cameras, lights and other devices are lowered individually eliminating the need to lower massive lowering units which are complicated, expensive and heavy.