Lighting Products for the Renewable Energy Industry

Unimar employs the latest technology using all FAA certified products. GPS technology provides synchronized flashing for wind farm applications in the renewable energy industry. A single module integrated within the LED beacon provides monitoring, alarm and synchronizing functions. MET Towers – Unimar has assembled an off-the-shelf FAA certified lighting solution custom made for meteorological tower applications. Utilizing LED technology and a custom sized solar panel, this solution offers universal fit, a compact lightweight design and allows MET tower owners a simple, quick and inexpensive solution for MET tower lighting.

Unimar Lighting Products for the Renewable Energy Industry

L864_Beacon GPS LED Red Beacon with Monitoring (FAA Type L-864)
The Unimar GPS controlled beacon, P/N: USL50X provides synchronized flashing of multiple units in wind farms and other applications. The […]
LED Dual Medium Intensity Red/White Lighting System (FAA L-865/L-864) LED Dual Medium Intensity Red/White Lighting System (FAA L-865/L-864)
The all LED Medium Intensity White Strobe and Red Beacon is designed for the lighting of chimneys, silos, flarestacks and […]
L864_Beacon LED Medium Intensity Red Beacon (FAA L-864)
The D564 Series LED based medium intensity red beacon utilizes state-of-the-art optical design to achieve the most compact, efficient, FAA […]
RTO-Red_Fam RTO Series Obstruction Light
The RTO Series obstruction light utilizes a unique optical, electrical and mechanical design. The RTO Series is the most universal, […]
LED Red Obstruction Light (FAA L-810) LED Red Obstruction Light (FAA L-810)
The 860 Series is the FAA type L-810 red LED obstruction light. Designed for steady burning, this fixture is used […]
Monitoring Systems Monitoring Systems
The DM-900 and DM-32 Alarm Monitors are highly sophisticated stand alone products that deliver quality monitoring at a reasonable price. […]
PCR Series Photoelectric Controller PCR Series Photoelectric Controller
The PCR Series Photo Control is a combination of precision electronic circuitry, electromechanical output, and unique molded plastic housing. The […]
Photoelectric Controller (Locking Type) Photoelectric Controller (Locking Type)
Delayed response thermal series: built-in time delay prevents false cycling caused by lightning flashes or stray headlights. All-weather locking type […]