LED Dual Medium Intensity Red/White Lighting System

LED Dual Medium Intensity Red/White Lighting System
Product Details

The all LED Medium Intensity White Strobe and Red Beacon is designed for the lighting of chimneys, silos, flarestacks and other obstructions to aerial navigation as specified by the FAA and FCC. The Dual L864/L865 uses LED technology for light output for both the Red Beacon and the White Strobe. Unlike conventional Xenon flashtube technology, little or no maintenance is required during its lifetime. Working voltages of less than 200 VDC are significantly less than those of Xenon flashtube designs. Therefore, this system represents an advance in safety. The Dual L864/L865 LED Beacon operates from a 100/230 VAC 50/60 Hz supply. The power supply/control box can be located up to 550 ft away from the light engine, such as at the base of the tower.


  • 5-year warranty; 10+ year life expectancy
  • No moving or serviceable parts in Flash Head, all replacement components located at tower base
  • Easy access, color coded terminal block for quick and easy installation
  • Hinged Flash Head with color coded terminal block for secure cable install
  • Strategically placed control components to simplify troubleshooting
  • “No-Fault” current limiters built in to protect system from incorrect installs
  • No high voltages as found in Xenon systems
  • Patented optics eliminate ground scatter
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Tested and passed surge tests up to 1.9 Million Volts
  • No EMI or RF
  • IP66 rated